It's our chance to finally clean the Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is the world's most productive estuary — but the volume of pollution entering its fragile ecosystem is staggering. In fact, every summer, up to one-third of the Bay's water becomes a "dead zone," where almost nothing can survive.

Last year, after mobilizing public support, we were able to convince Gov. Bob McDonnell and the EPA to compose a promising new plan to clean the Bay and cut pollution back to safe levels by 2020.

But the restoration plan can only work if Gov. McDonnell stands strong and enforces the new rules.

With your help, we'll keep pushing to make the Bay cleanup a success.

Real solutions for the Bay

Virginia's new plan to restore the Chesapeake Bay requires all polluters to significantly reduce waste flowing into the Bay and its source waters. If we're ever going to truly restore the Bay, we need the governor to properly enforce the plan.

If you've ever sat in a kayak surrounded by tall reeds, caught a gust of wind at full sail, or picnicked at Point Lookout, you'll understand why it's so important to ensure the cleanup is a success.

With your activism and our advocacy, we can protect the Chesapeake Bay

We refuse to let developers and agribusinesses foul our natural heritage — and we have a plan to make sure Gov. McDonnell's cleanup plan gets fully implemented and enforced, loophole-free. We're bringing together Virginians from all walks of life to protect the Bay. All of us — fishers, swimmers, tourism businesses and citizens across the state — have something to fight for.

Our citizen outreach staff has been knocking on doors across the state to educate Virginians about what's at stake. We're also testifying in Richmond, educating lawmakers, and shining a spotlight in the media on the need to curb the flow of polluted runoff into the Bay from factory farms.

Click here to join our campaign — and urge Gov. McDonnell to protect the Bay.

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